Repossessed Houses For Sale In Exeter

Repossessed Houses In Exeter, Devon

Exeter, a historic city located in Devon, South West England, is renowned for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant cultural scene.

As a thriving hub, Exeter offers a diverse range of properties, making it an attractive destination for potential homeowners. Those searching for repossessed houses for sale in Exeter will find a variety of options that provide excellent value for money.

The city’s strategic location, combined with its dynamic property market, makes it an ideal place to explore repossessed property opportunities.

The Property Market In Exeter

The low cost property market in Exeter is vibrant and varied, offering potential buyers a range of options from modern apartments to historic homes. The city has experienced a steady increase in property prices, reflecting its growing popularity and desirability.

For those interested in repossessed houses for sale in Exeter, there are opportunities to find affordable options in the local and wider Devon property market.

Below is a table showing the average property prices for different types of homes in Exeter.

Property TypeAverage Price
Derelict Property£135,000+
Data source: National House Price Index
Repossessed properties on Velwell Road, Exeter.
Exeter has a good variety of high quality houses for sale, including many post-war homes like these on Velwell Road. Photo © David Smith (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Buying A Repossessed Property In Exeter

Buying a repossessed property in Exeter can be an excellent way to secure a home at a reduced price. These properties are often sold below market value, providing significant savings for buyers.

When looking for repossessed property for sale in Exeter, consider exploring areas such as St. Thomas and Heavitree, where you might find more affordable options.

The prices for repossessed properties in these areas of Exeter can vary, but they generally offer substantial discounts compared to standard listings, making them a viable option for budget-conscious buyers.

The market for bank repossessed properties in Exeter is competitive due to the fairly low number of repossessed houses for sale in Exeter which appear for auction. Register with a local property auction house in Exeter.

Cheap property for sale in Exeter, Devon
Repossessed houses for sale in Exeter sometimes include higher end homes and more expensive properties. Photo © David Smith (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Derelict Property For Sale In Exeter

Yes, it is possible to find derelict property for sale in Exeter.

These cheap properties, often neglected or abandoned, can offer great potential for renovation and value addition. Areas such as Pinhoe and Topsham are worth exploring for buyers interested in derelict property for sale in Exeter.

Purchasing a derelict property in Exeter can be a cost-effective way to enter the Devon property market, especially for those willing to take on a renovation project.

Derelict property for sale in Exeter, Devon
Some derelict properties for sale in Exeter are in perfectly good condition. This is also the case for many repossessed houses for sale in Exeter. Photo © David Smith (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Advice For Buying Repossessed Houses For Sale In Exeter

When considering the purchase of bank repossessed houses for sale in Exeter, as well as other types of repossessed homes, flats and studios, it is essential to be well-prepared. Here are some practical tips specific to the Exeter property market:

  • Research Local Neighbourhoods: Focus on areas like St. Thomas, Heavitree, and Pinhoe, which are known for having more repossessed properties available. Understanding the characteristics and amenities of each neighbourhood can help you make an informed decision.
  • Inspect Historic Properties: Exeter has many older and historic properties that may have unique issues. Hire a local surveyor familiar with the specific challenges of older Exeter homes, such as damp or structural issues.
  • Secure Financing Early: Exeter’s property market can move quickly. Make sure your mortgage approval is in place with local banks who understand the local market dynamics and repossessed houses for sale in Exeter.
  • Understand Council Requirements: Exeter City Council has specific regulations for property renovations, especially in conservation areas. Familiarise yourself with these rules to avoid any legal complications during renovations.
  • Prepare for University Demand: Exeter is home to a large student population due to the University of Exeter. Consider the potential for renting out rooms or the entire property to students, which can be a profitable venture.

Cheap Property Near Exeter, Devon

For those looking beyond the city, there are several nearby locations where you can find cheap property for sale near Exeter.

Towns such as Crediton and Newton Abbot offer more affordable options while still providing easy access to Exeter’s amenities. Crediton, known for its picturesque countryside and community feel, often has lower property prices compared to Exeter.

Similarly, Newton Abbot, with its good transport links and vibrant town centre, is another area to consider. Exploring these neighbouring towns can uncover repossessed houses for sale in Exeter’s vicinity, providing a broader range of options for prospective buyers.

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