Repossessed Houses For Sale In Dundee

Repossessed Houses In Dundee, Scotland

As the fourth-largest city in Scotland, Dundee offers a variety of properties for sale, including repossessed houses. Buying a repossessed property can be a great way to get a bargain in the property market.

In this article, we will explore the property market in Dundee, the benefits of viewing and buying repossessed houses for sale in Dundee, and the considerations to keep in mind before making a purchase.

The Property Market In Dundee

Dundee’s property market offers a diverse range of properties, including repossessed houses. According to data from Rightmove, the average house price in Dundee is £154,507, with flats averaging at £102,165 and terraced houses averaging at £124,142.

The local property market is competitive, with many properties receiving multiple offers, but there are still opportunities to find a great deal on repossessed houses for sale in Dundee.

Property TypeAverage Price
Derelict properties£60,000
Data source: Zoopla (2023)
Photo of some repossessed terraced houses in Dundee
there are a wide variety of repossessed houses for sale in Dundee, from older homes to more modern terraced houses. Photo © JThomas (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Buying A Repossessed Property In Dundee

Buying a repossessed property in Dundee can be an excellent way to get a great deal on a house. Repossessed houses are often sold at a discount, and buyers may be able to negotiate further reductions.

However, it’s essential to approach the process with caution and do your due diligence. Repossessed houses are sold as seen, so it’s crucial to get a survey done to ensure the property is structurally sound and does not have any hidden issues.

Consider some smaller villages and towns within reach of the city as well as repossessed property for sale in Dundee itself.

Repossessed detached houses in Dundee are often built from quality sandstone sourced locally. Photo © JThomas (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Benefits Of Repossessed Houses In Dundee

One of the main benefits of taking the time to source and view repossessed houses for sale in Dundee is the potential to get a bargain property in Scotland.

Repossessed houses are often sold at a much lower price than comparable properties on the market, making them an attractive option for buyers looking to get onto the property ladder.

Additionally, repossessed houses are often sold with no chain, meaning that the purchase process can be quicker and more straightforward.

Considerations For The Dundee Property Market

When buying a repossessed property in Dundee, there are several considerations to keep in mind, including:

  • Repossessed properties in Dundee are often sold as seen, so it’s essential to get a survey done to ensure there are no hidden issues.
  • Be prepared for a potentially risky purchase process as the property could get pulled from the market at the last minute, for example, if the owner manages to clear the debt.
  • Look out for any outstanding debts or charges on the property, as these will become the buyer’s responsibility upon purchase.
  • Take the time to investigate repossessed properties on other outlying towns near Dundee.
Photo of a cheap property in Dundee
Many of the repossessed houses in Dundee are good quality semi-detached properties. Photo © JThomas (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Cheap Property Near Dundee

If you’re struggling to find a repossessed house in Dundee, it’s worth looking at nearby towns and cities.

For example, Arbroath, Forfar, and Carnoustie all offer more affordable property options and may have repossessed houses for sale.

LocationAverage Property Price
Broughty Ferry£208,965

When viewing repossessed houses in Dundee, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Look beyond the cosmetic issues: Repossessed houses may be in need of some cosmetic work, but it’s important to look beyond this and consider the potential of the property.
  • Check for any structural issues: Make sure you check for any structural issues that may need to be addressed, such as subsidence or damp.
  • Take notes and photos: Take detailed notes and photos of the property during your viewing. This can be useful when making an offer and negotiating the price.

Buying a property in Scotland can be a daunting task, especially if you’re working with a limited budget. Repossessed houses for sale in Dundee offer a unique opportunity to purchase a property at a lower cost than the market rate.

This gives the buyer the chance to obtain a family home for less than it would normally cost, or the savvy buyer to purchase and renovate the repossessed property in Dundee for profit.

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